The Wax Mask : Based on a Gaston Leroux story?

Based on a Gaston Leroux story?

There's a modern Italian thriller out there called "M.D.C. - Maschera di cera", translated into English as "Gaston Leroux' The Wax Mask". Reviews of this movie say that it _is_ based on a Gaston Leroux* story, titled either "Le masque de cire" or "The Wax Museum". However, I can't find any Leroux bibliography that mentions this, so I wonder if the producers or reviewers aren't full of it.

Has anyone heard of a wax museum story by Gaston Leroux? Did _he_ invent the crazed wax sculptor character?

* A.K.A., the "Phantom of the Opera" guy.

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Re: Based on a Gaston Leroux story?

I'd say if anything it was taken from the old movie House of Wax. Same plot basically, just with an italian horror twist to it. Eccentric wax museum curator gets horribly disfigured, comes back and starts making figures out of real people, meets some beautiful girl and forms some creepy obsession with her, etc. etc.

Re: Based on a Gaston Leroux story?

The story does exist. It is called "The Waxwork Museum". It is available in the Gaston Leroux Bedside Companion 1980,Gollancz Fantasy

EEK! The book is nearly 300.00 on Amazon!!!