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A Terrible Wind

Just after a two second warning as I stepped into the road to cross it I once did a terrible wind, it was prolonged, the worst one in all history akin to the dinosaurs which may have kick started global warming. It kept coming out as I walked along by the side of a glass building some three hundred feet, turning the corner and walking along by its front some seven hundred feet. As I neared the end where the sliding door was that was the exit it came out all the more and I empathised with him. There was a man coming, who had said that he would not express anything to the city, and he walked right into it. He would have whiffed it, no not whiffed, breathed it in again and again. It would have spread out across the whole of the square ultra-dense and intolerable. For I have done one at home that even I could not stand and I had to leave the room. This one was a thousand times worse. As I unlocked my cycle in the church yard I heard him yell. I would describe it as an arc that went upwards, curved over, and then went downwards, prolonged. And I knew that it was because of what I had inadvertently done. Every time I think of this it makes me laugh.

I like making slideshow movies.

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God farted 🌬️

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