The Princess Diaries : Favorite Scene in the whole movie (15 years later)

Favorite Scene in the whole movie (15 years later)

From Mia entering the garage to check on her baby, to the band finishing their song is pure gold.

The rocking riffs pounding over the scene. The frankly EPIC lines of the two fan girls we never see again.
Fan girl 1: He fixes cars, he plays guitar and he can sing. He is SO hot!
Fan girl 2: He is Wicked Sweet!

Just all of it coming together with a scene that features a panning beauty shot of a powder-blue mustang convertible, is unbelievable. You get scenes that introduce someones' character, but Michael comes across as more awesome than the blondie. Michael is a teenage badass with women dying at his feet while he plays epic rock songs at the local car shop where he works after school. WHAT?! Forget Mia, I want to hear that guys story. Rockstar Diaries.

The song is called Blueside by Rooney. Michael is a guitarist in the band in real life.

Scene in very poor quality

My choice is certainly unusual and fleeting. Feel free to state yours, explain why, and if possible post a link.