The Princess Diaries : Best Lines

Best Lines

There's a bunch reallyhere's a few

Mia: Do you have any change?
Queen: No! It's not appropriate for a queen to jingle! (I just love the way she says no)

Queen: You look so young
Mia: Thanks. You look soclean

Goodbye Trolley people!

You look ridiculous, you should sue

You know you look like Shaft?

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Re: Best Lines

Joe: This is between a waltz and a tango.
Mia: It's a wango?

T~O all the way!

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I never really got the "jingle" part. What was it supposed to mean? The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear "jingle" is peeing.

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Me a princess? Shut up!

This isn't goodbye. You're my destiny, Cohen!

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It means coins make noise, so a queen cannot walk around and be making noise due to change.

Men on Fitness

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One of my favorite quotes ever!

"Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all. "

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Ha! I was wondering what the quote was that the dad said. I'm glad you mentioned it, I loved it!

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Joe: Odd town, Sanfrancisco. When I purchased the pumps, they asked me if i wanted them wrapped, or if i wanted to wear them.

Queen Clarisse: Does anyone have a saber?
Old Lady: Oh, I have an umbrella!
Queen Clarisse: Eh
Mia: I have an emergency brake.
Queen Clarisse: That will work fine.

Mia: Sombody sat on me again.

Mia: Oh, hello Mrs.Gupta.
Mrs Gupta: Hello LillyLilly's friend.

Mia: Oh, this is a nightmare.! I'm going back to bed!
Helen Thermopolis: Miawe need to talk.
Mia: Oh, okay. Is there somthing else about me and my life, that i may want to know about? Oh, no! Are you two waiting to take me on a talk show somewhere to tell me that i have a twin sister who's a dutchess?
Queen Clarisse: You have a cousin whos a contesser. Formally known as Bartholomue, but we call him Pookie.

Mia: I'm late for a meeting with my guidance counselor.
Queen Clarisse: I'm late for a meeting with Spain and Portugal!

Mia: what the diagnosis for my baby?
Doc: 400$
Mia: *Honks the horn.*

Mia: Um, Grandma? Is it customary in Genovia to emprison your dinner guests with her-meez scarves?
Queen Clarisse: Its AIR-MEZ.

Jerimiah: Shazam
Lilly: Nice, Jermimiah, but a way to a girls heart isnt by treating her like a vending machine.

Mia: You broke my glasses!
Paulo: You broke my brush.

I could go on forever.
My fave movie ever.

XxX Me? A PRINCESS? Shut. Up. XxX

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Queen Clarisse: Does anyone have a saber?
Old Lady: Oh, I have an umbrella!
Queen Clarisse: Eh

I love that reference to Mary Poppins!

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Paulo: Now where is the lovely girl?
Queen Clairesse: This is my granddaughter, Amelia.
*Paulo turns around*
Paulo: Aaah! *throws hands up*
Paulo: She is indeed gorgeous!

Michael: Why me?
Mia: Because you saw me when I was invisible. And just because I'm now a royal doesn't mean I am any different. I'm still me*stopped*
*Michael leans in and kisses her*
*Mia's foot pops, lighting up the whole garden*

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Re: Best Lines

Joe:I've never put on panty hose but it sounds dangerous.

Queen Clairees:So we don't shlump like this!

Joe: You've been wearing black for far too long.

Mia:You broke my glasses!

Pablo:You broke my brush.