The Matrix : Was The Matrix underhandedly Reeves' greatest performance of all?

Was The Matrix underhandedly Reeves' greatest performance of all?

Keanu Reeves is my favorite actor and most people that share this notion like him because they feel if they take his lead and act like themselves defending him they become more convincing as actors themselves... Their greatest act or most convincing self may even be **themselves pretending to defend his acting** (a masterful acting technique for his style of acting because that's how he's trying to be accredited as the favorite) because then they redirect their energies better from this technique and where they would go inwards and hide, maybe because of embarrassment, they push out and vice versa... and many other things... but just think of that one?

So it's not like the fan fave gives the best on screen... but some people think, hey he made stuff obvious for me so I'm better off starting here and then I'll think big and I would think small with the next guy because very few even attempt to use this relatively dead technique. (Not pretend to be ourselves defending him, his actual technique because we won't look like him anyway.)

But quite frankly many don't like what they see on screen with the KR style of acting, an almost dead style, so what this movie did was rather than get KR in a movie to imbue a certain root, if they make a movie for Keanu they take it away.

After this film this movie was viewed as his best performance because the way Reeves takes lead annoys many people so even if the acting on screen is poor and even if he playing a god to many in the film, his attempt to take lead is disarmed from being painfully obvious by making the movie for him.

So just by not trying so hard or not being able to try so hard to many this is his best performance and what they were afraid to do when he is so painfully putrid at it on screen, but that upstaging aspect is off putting to many, but to be so painfully putrid with bad acting all around that it cannot be upstaged, to many he may finally reach good acting, and he may finally win the individual over so they pretend to be him following his lead when they know on the outside even if they tried to do it it would be terrible.

The acting is so bad all around that now they can pretend to be Keanu and if it was unconvincing on the outside now they can dissarm the aspect they didn't like....

So many give it to him now if they didn't before.

Personally though I think the acting in this film sucks and if he ever won this way that means they already gave it to him for another film that really would have been the secrete performance so this performance could not be his greatest if for example he only had one film...

But it is disarming because maybe our acting would be terrible now if we tried to be him in the Matrix when all them other guys are such terrible actors (such a stylish film great cinemetography, I still like it but it's under performing) they feel safe trying the technique without the fear of giving into it as if it would become the standardized acting notion so now they can try and pretend to be Keanu too....

But if that's the case it was secretly a dark movie, another movie that made this look like a good idea that now when you know it would be bad acting you don't fear pretending for fear that it would overtake... but it would still secretly be another movie and maybe they can make a new trilogy starring Will Smith who is probably the only big name actor in Hollywood that could make this love story about the sexy nerd who played with computers but was cooler without the hot ninja girlfriend who also became less cool from dating god, somehow imploding expectations... Smith is the only one that could play this love story in a way that it's winning and they don't look like dorks or boring despite doing all this interesting stuff the way they are doing it together...

If they made a new Trilogy with Smith, the one defining quality is that he has the unique abilities for Hollywood actors to pull off this act of love... Throw the rest out.

Or make the movie for Smith and use Reeves again...

Or rather than a trilogy maybe one dies and the other takes hold or a trilogy he resurrects Reeves.

But it would have been better with Will Smith and if this was his greatest performance you are hiding a guilty pleasure that you are afraid would be too convincing to promote.

If people dislike his acting so much because they don't like what he sees to imbue what he sees then he could act in a way that by now would be intuitive for a movie or two in a way that defends his acting. Then he would be convincing. He tries to push it past his comfort zone and they tried to idealize the Reeves conventions and shoe horn him in.

The fighting scenes were great on their own but the idea was it never got past fey. Man of Tai Chi is more Reeves playing Reeves Kung Fu style or John Wick eastern european style but this one never got past fey cuz Neo was so powerful and it was great that he took it here but to play it so unnatural for him set a capacity on the acting performance.... something he didn't want to show but it was unnatural and a big drop for him to play it this way since it was so out of his range in an area that as a big name action star (probably the biggest) his body intelligence was too overskilled to make it still look good that it hid so much more that at this point in his career he never overtly showed but had to be there, and for the biggest action star in Hollywood when his presumed abilities are so underscored and under-delivered as greatness, so out of his comfort zone in these fighting abilities, it made his acting bad for him.