The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane : This is on Amazon Prime

This is on Amazon Prime

Pan and scan, though. Funny to see the stuff they got away with then, including the scene when Mrs. Hallett just leathers Rynn across the face.

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Seriously someone touched the aspect ratio? For what reason when there's digital SD/HD master available in 1.85 for years. Doesn't make sense.

Trivia. It's not true the slapping scene took like twenty takes and the wig nearly flew off. It was carefully planned and rehearsed with precision. It was real though. Foster even encouraged Smith to hit her hard. Pros.

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I really wasn't expecting a solid widescreen, but what you can you do. The blu ray is on my hit list.

Thanks for the trivia! That belt looked legit. Reminds me of some other times when the actor told another to really lay into them:

Alien (irritation)
The Quick and Dead (shock)
Rocky 4 (near death)