The Devil's Chair : Can I recommend it? No… but juuuuust barely.

Can I recommend it? No… but juuuuust barely.

Okay, saw this at the Toronto International Film Festival. (arr.)
**Some very vague spoilers lie within**
Credit must be given to the guys who cut the trailers for this film. Unfortunately, they lead you to believe the movie will be one thing, when in actuality it's a little different.

The Bad:
-computer effects that were decent
-some of the acting (or was it writing). If it's supposed to be cheesy, it's one thing, but when some of the 'serious' lines are being laughed at, questions arise.
-on that note, there are times when you hope and plead that it goes completely B-move schlocky, but it never seems to clearly cross that line. Kinda wish it did.
-Andrew Howard (Nick West) is sometimes hard to hear. Not an audio problem, just a wee bit mumbly :)
-some handheld camera work for most of the beginning made it look sloppy
-Biggest gripe: The pacing! Some segments crawled at an excruciating pace. Specifically, the second half hour and the cliched "girl running from bad guy".

The Good:
-computer effects that were decent
-physical effects that were very cool
-Andrew Howard (Nick West) goes through a literal roller coaster ride of emotions and does a pretty good job being the film's anchor
-humour was present, but not overused
-the tongue in cheek jabs at the viewer/audience and the 'freeze' commentary gimmick are BRILLIANT
-some brilliant play with lighting and shadow (and their context)
-a truly satisfying ending (c'mon, what were you expecting?)

My biggest hangup right now is that Adam Mason mentioned that they "literally had no budget" at the screening. Thus, if they had NO money to make this movie, this is clearly above average. However, I have to rate this on a "regular movie" curve. That said, I can only give it 4 out of 10. However, if there NO budget, that changes to 5 or even 6. So, long story short: some people will love it and others, like me, will appreciate aspects of it.

By the by, why is there another trailer out there where Nick and a different Sammy visit the asylum at night?

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its funny, that they said it was 'no budget' most of the lab work for that film must of cost big time. - he fully dodged that question durring the Q&A too lol so clearly it started being 'no-budget' and turned into something else.

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To put it bluntly, the original Sammy was poor, so the beginning was reshot.. If you watch closely, the chair is slightly different as a result.

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4 out of 10?

your a *beep* joke

this movie was brilliant and deserves way more attention then it has received so far.

even 5 or 6 out of ten - *beep* off and die.

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Dudetake a chill pill!!!
He's entitled to his opinionas are you.

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First, I'd love to hear why it is you feel this is brilliant. Complete sentences would be nice. ("Just because, *expletive*!" isn't a very good response.)

Second, does "even 5 or 6 out of ten" mean it deserves more or that the people that voted this are *beep*ing jokes as well?

And finally, and of MUCH more importantance, it's "you're".