The Devil's Chair : Admirable but ultimately failed attempt w/ some redeeming features

Admirable but ultimately failed attempt w/ some redeeming features

I believe an earlier post by a person called green_jillie_bean hit the nail on the head with this film. I'll include his/her post here:

He may be a murderer in a mental hospital and he may be a sick man, but we (as the audience) are watching a horror movie expecting and even hoping for violence and gore and the murder of several seemingly innocent characters in his story. He's obviously sick; a murderer in an asylum.. Whats our excuse?

There was no excursion to Blackwater, no chair, no murders. It was Nick's criticism of horror movies and the perverse masochistic pleasure the audience gets in watching a genre that has shifted from a fascination with fear and terror to an obsession with sex, gore and violence.

The ending was so extreme in terms of senseless violence, rape, blood and gore - but do we expect anything less anymore? The majority of comments and reviews I have read have classed the end as the film's redeeming feature. Why? Because the first 70 minutes of the film was boring? badly acted? slow paced? And the last 20 minutes was overtly confronting sexual assault and violence.

Nick wasn't the sick, crazed maniac in this film. It was us; the audience.

I couldn't agree more with this statement.

I think this film makes an admirable attempt at conveying a deeper meaning.

The problem is those first 70 minutes sucked. The fact that they suck isn't because of an absence of gore/sex, it's because it's devoid of a good story and is poorly written and edited. The first 70 minutes gives us nothing of substance to hold on to. It was far too surreal. In this case, the end does not justify the means. Yes, we the audience are being "set up"but the "set up" was so poorly done that it can't stand on it's own.

Re: Admirable but ultimately failed attempt w/ some redeeming features

Nice take. Maybe "The Devil's Chair" is what we sit on when we watch torture-porn/gore horror movies. Maybe?

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