The Book of Boba Fett : This show makes The Last Jedi Luke look better

This show makes The Last Jedi Luke look better

I've made his argument on other boards. ROTJ Luke is the worst Luke. Luke was ALWAYS an emotional person. He was normal. He showed hope, anger, frustration, and all the other emotions a normal person shows throughout their life.

Man-babies (Lucas Loyalists) threw temper tantrums when he was shown to have contemplated killing Ben and hid and became reclusive after a tragedy. They were upset he wasn't out and about in the universe being a hero to everything and everyone. But TLJ shows hm to be a normal flawed human being. He has emotions. It's much more in-line with his personality in ANH and TESB.

ROTJ-era Luke is the anomaly. He is cold and emotionless. A robot. Believes that's how Jedi should act. He also saves a mass murderer's life only because it's his father. And people are upset he CONTEMPLATED killing another one? ROTJ-era Luke is an ass and that's why he looked like an ass in this show. The rest of the series? That's who he is. A flawed, but good man.