The Boogens : This or The Conjuring ?

This or The Conjuring ?

Now that's a tease title, I'm not saying this is near as good as the Conjuring, but I wonder if James Wan and the DP saw The Boogens. I mean you need talking points and references when you start talking aesthetics and style, and honestly some geek director as James Wan could have said to his DP : just see the Boogens and let's have tha color and that kind of house.

What you think ?

Re: This or The Conjuring ?

The two movies are nothing alike so I'm not sure what comparison you're trying to make.

Also, I think The Boogens is a much better film than The Conjuring.

Re: This or The Conjuring ?

The movies have nothing in common besides a creepy cellar.
Now The Boogens, or Tremors? There's a good question.

Re: This or The Conjuring ?

Those two movies you just can`t compare just because both films have houses. :)

Re: This or The Conjuring ?

Unlike James Wan's crapfests, The Boogens doesn't pretend to be "based on true events" or in any way connected to reality. It's just a cheap, cheesy, fun creature feature.

The worst thing that ever happened to the movies was when some pretentious twit decided they should be art.

Re: This or The Conjuring ?

The Conjuring sucked and I'll never get why it was so popular.

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