St. Elmo's Fire : He didn't know who her parents were?

He didn't know who her parents were?

When Billy visited the virgin, she explained about her parents and how her mom would whisper things she thought were bad. They had been friends for several years and he had not yet met her parents?

"Duh. You're the idiot. Not me."

Re: He didn't know who her parents were?

Good point, but somewhat plausible. If they were all living at Georgetown and only went home when needed, it's entire possible that Billy simply wasn't in Wendy's familiar circle. My son has had friends since Jr. High (he's in his early 20's) and I have yet to meet their parents.

But speaking of that, my daughter ran into her old college roommate the other day and it was nothing like St. Elmo's Fire. They shot the breeze for a minute and moved on. Someone else brought up the fact that it seemed a little strange that the exact group of friends, all of wildly different social status, still acted like they were heading to a house party (which they did).