Russell Brand : Has He Been Blacklisted?

Has He Been Blacklisted?

He hasn't done anything in the past like 3 years, I'm a fan and I'm saying this, what is going ON?

I feel when someone is TOO REAL in HOLLYWOOD, they will inevitably be shunned->ala Russell Brand.

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Damn well hope so. Guy's a know nothing loser.

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^That's pretty harsh Geoff. If you're not a fan why are you browsing HIS IMDB page? To spew your hatred of a Brit you've never even met?
Really classy mate...(<-that's British sarcasm for you)

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He's done loads it's just he hasn't been doing films. He's been touring. He is primarily a stand up comedian not an actor

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Good to know Lauren, I see he has a "Trew World Order" tour going on.
I feel like the stand-up is hindering his movie career but I guess that is the direction he has chosen.

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He is primarily a stand up comedian. It's what he's best at. I think he finds the lifestyle of an actor somewhat forced and false as well.
But he does have several films lined up

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Hi there, Arsenic,

HAVE met him, actually, by mistake at stringfellow's (I was working, he wasn't)which has nothing to do with my comment about him and Jonathon Ross apart from the fact that at the time (five or six years ago)I thought he was ONLY a typical "ME ME ME" type of Star, famous for nothing but being stupid and juvenile.

My vitiolic comments were triggered by an event which I found disgusting in the extreme and which happened when he was a guest on a Show hosted by another Brit, Mr Jonathon Ross (Look at his IMDB Page and you'lll find a similar comment).

Brand and Ross (another low life, but a funnier low life than Brand)are both of that ilk termed "Metrosexual general entertainers". They decided to have a bit of 'fun' by phoning up another celeb and leaving messages on his home Answerphone. Their 'bit of fun' on Ross' BBc Radio show involved them ringing the Actor Andrew Sachs (who plays Manuel the waiter from "Fawlty Towers") and describing how Brand had a night out with Sachs' GrandDaughter, Georgina.

The words Ross used to describe this tender event were something like "He's been shagging your GrandDaughter, mate". This 'banter' went on for a considerable amount of time and was played ON AIR, LIVE, the conversation being recorded to Sachs' Answerphone.

NOBODY with any moral or ethical standards or even a simple modicum of politeness could read or listen to this filth (which was heard by MILLIONS of people in the UK and abroad) without, I believe, feeling an anathema towards these two cowards.

If you can stomach it, here's the transcript :-

If you have ANY stomach left after reading that, the whole segment is somehwhere on Youtube (isnm't everything !!).

As to your other points, I didn't go looking for his page on IMDB, I was actually quite surprised to find a UK Celebrity with no Film credentials on the site. Once I'd seen him, I couldn't then go away without finding Ross and including him.

Every time I see either of their names in an article or whatever that invites comments, I leave the same message.

Thery've got Free Speech - so do I.

Also, unfortunately for them, I'm retired and have MOUNTAINS of free time. If you think that Anonymous are spending a lot of time bringing down ISIS sites then watch me when I start going..........

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Omg get over it. That whole incident was nothing more than a quiet news week and the daily fail jumping on the bandwagon. If that is all that it takes to upset you I wouldn't turn on the news, or even leave your house right now.

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Aw so butthurt you are reporting my post.
Are you a daily fail reader? Member of Britain first?
I know the sort.
You are the typical person who complains about the most pathetic things. Did you know that it wasn't really sent to him? Did you know he knew what his granddaughter is? Did you know sachs didn't really get all the hoopla, not forgetting this was years ago now. My god you are hilarious. When it was aired there were 2 complaints. You get more from an episode of eastenders. But then the daily fail whips a storm out of a teacup so droids like you get their knickers in a twist. Don't like him don't watch him. I don't like a lot of celebrities but I don't bother going on their imdb site to say so, and that's all you've posted. Some juvenile angry spouting. Sad

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I don't get why Russell got most of the blame for the Sachsgate Scandal when Jonathan Ross is the one who yelled,"He *beep* your Granddaughter!" Jonathan Ross is the one who should have gotten most of the blame.

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Because the daily fail was already annoyed with brand for stating they supported the nazis (which they did). It's title for tat retaliation.

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Donnie -

Agree, however he wouldn't have done it on air if he didn't know that Brand was going to go along with it. They could have arranged it beforehand but if that sounds a little bit "conspiracy theory" for you (as it does for me)then your only other option is to put it down to the fact that a lowlife, like a paedophile, always recognise a like spirit.

I don't know where or how you were brought up but there were some things that were considered "beyond the pale". This would definitely be in that category. As for apportioning blame on a percentage basis, I work the same way the law does - If you are doing a robbery and your mate is armed and kills someone then BOTH of you are liable to be done for murder (even if you were only the lookout).

If you insist that this is, however, a fairer way to look at it, I won't budge past 49% / 51%.

Whenever these sorts of things get discussed, I always try and imagine myself in the shoes of one of the involved people. Do it in this case, in my opinion,and Ross comes off even more guilty than Brand does. I have no illusions about Brand and never have. From the first time I saw him I found him only marginally funny and KNEW that he and I were never going to be Best Buds. Ross, however, I have always found to be close to the edge, but always clever and humorous and often with an interesting point to consider within the humour itself.

I suppose that the higher someone is in your estimation, the worse you feel when they fall. I expected more from Ross than Brand, so his acquiescence in the hairy bastard's 'joke' is less easy to forgive.

Anyway, this is giving FAR too much airtime to these people so I am returning now to my ordinary life and having lunch.

Thanks for the interest.

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You came on here to moan about someone you dislike and that alone, years after an incident. You have no life mate that's clearly obvious. So sad lol. You keep reading your daily fail though, keep your ignorance at a high

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Only idiots sit around spending time thinking about people they don't like.

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Especially about something that happened at least two or three years ago. He's obviously clogged hid head up with daily fail garbage for years

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I make ONE bloody comment about this wanker Brand and his lowlife mate and all of a sudden there's low life mates of theirs from trailer parks shouting at me and trying in their pathetic way to justify their behaviour.

I wish they'd get a life and find some cats and dogs to kick because, unlike them, I have a life to live and I'm starting to think that I will have to stop answering their stupid and offensive comments.

Anyway, thanks for your support and for the PMs I've had from those who didn't want to go public.

It's nice to know that there are at least SOME PEOPLE who have standards and respect for Women.

Well done and thanks again for the support.

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What a twerp. If you really were born in 1949 I would expect a slight hint of maturity but no, you are a butthurt little nobody grasping to his daily fail.
I'd look at your own situation in society before you condemn others lol.

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I make ONE bloody comment about this wanker Brand

Actually, you made a few comments about him grandpa.

Better go see the doctor, looks like dementia is kicking in.

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He should go see an optician too because he can't read very well either.

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Can't read. Can't write. Can't judge fairly. Get over it sir. You've started a personal vendetta over a prank call. Freshman year of high school I called and claimed I was pregnant on the home answering machine of one of my classmates, hoping he'd be grounded. Or at least have an awkward conversation. Judge me. Oh mighty one. The morally superior are generally the ones hiding kiddie porn and bodies under the crawl space. So have fun with that long winded conversation with Saint Peter. Hopefully his checklist on proper behavior is as rigorous as yours and you're too unforgiving and bigoted to get into heaven. P.S. I reported all your negative comments. Thanks for your interest. Have a great day. Ya *beep* wanker ;)

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Never thought I would see "bloody", "wanker" and "trailer park" in the same sentence.

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Geoff I hear your point now and I whole-heartedly agree with you. Prank Calls are Juvenile at best, but to call and say you're going to bang someone's grand-daughter, that is filth, not even Howard Stern would do something like that.

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It's not really though. It was juvenile yes but filth? No. His grandaughter however....She most certainly is.

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If you know anything about how the media operates you would know that both Sacs and his Granddaughter would have had to have given consent for that pre-recorded show to be aired.

The 'controversy' blew up 2 weeks AFTER the show was aired and was fuelled by the Daily Mail, a newspaper that is famed for publishing stories about 16 year olds female stars turning of age with the implication that they're now legal for sex.

Trying thinking for yourself for a bit, mate.

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He was in Morocco some months back filming Army of One.

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Alright, I wish his Publicist let him make his own Tweets, don't know if I missed the Boat but he has perfect jokes for 140 characters, and a 2000 ll his tweets are just Third-Person Promotion. "Russell Brand Appears in Australia!" SMH

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Just goes to show even his British accents (over which Americans fawn) and his liberal politics (over which Hollywood fawn) cannot overcome his utter lack of talents and ugly looks. He's actually on the "white" list of Hollywood. Just can't overcome his own lack of talent.

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What a stupid article. Are you blind? He was working with Larry Charles last year with Army of One and he is in a kids movie called Trolls out later this year.

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Shame. He's damn funny