Rosemary's Baby : Who is Argyron Stavropoulos?

Who is Argyron Stavropoulos?

At the "party" in the end, this tall man who seems to be an important person in the coven enters the apartment and is introduced as Argyron Stavropoulos.
It really seemed to me like this was supposed to have some meaning, perhaps another anagram? Who is this guy supposed to be and what is his significance to the movie and the coven?

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My take on this is that he is meant to represent a very rich and powerful man similar to Aristotle Onassis. Since Levin in his books uses JFK (in naval garb) and Jackie Kennedy he might have been hesitant to use Onassis by name. Jackie is clearly used in a drug induced dream so easier to get away with. Certainly you see rich Greek tycoon and Onassis is the first name to pop into my mind. I think Ernest Harada the Japanese man is probably also meant to show the worldwide influence of the coven.

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I wonder how Casavetes felt about a high-ranking Devil Worshipper with a Greek name. He had his share of playing hoods and killers.

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The book was published in 1967 and the movie was released in 1968, which is the year that Jackie and Onassis were marriedbut if IIRC they were seeing each other for a while before that. So I guess its possible that Argyron Stavropoulos was supposed to be an Onassis-like figure, given the earlier tie-in with Jackie Kennedy. Its an interesting idea, and it had never occurred to me before.

I know that Onassis was young and presumably handsome earlier in his life, but he would have been in his 60s at the time that the movie took place. I just always assumed that Stavropoulos was there to show the worldwide reach of the Satanists. We know that Roman had traveled everywhere (just name a place, hes been there), presumably keeping tabs on a worldwide network of covens, all of whose members would be excited by the news of the birth of Adrian. So I just thought of Stavropoulos as a wealthy Greek Satanist who had traveled to NYC to see the child.

On the other hand, many Americans were kind of outraged when Jackie married this older, wealthy "foreign" tycoonmany reacted as if she had sold her soul to the Devil.