Politics : Defund the police

Defund the police

Whatever happened to all the protestors? Miss you guys. Much love.

Believe me.

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Post Biden's win.


Probs change "liberals" to the "DNC" for greater accuracy.

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The stupid white people who were protesting finally all figured out that the black people they were wrecking their lives for want them just as dead as the police and went on vacation to try to reintegrate with their own kind.

What happened to the American Dream? It came true! You're lookin' at it…

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The protesting died down as fall approached, probably due to colder weather and interest naturally waning as time passed. If there is another high profile incident of police abuse, protests will likely break out again. There were protests about police violence against blacks during Obama's presidency as well, so party in power isn't a factor. The Obama years are when Black Lives Matter began.

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Left wing politics is riddled with illogical nonsense.

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