Mosquito : *beep* Idiots!

*beep* Idiots!

Why are people in horror film such unbelievable dumbasses?

"hey, I know that these hillbillies just tried to take our ride, kill us and implicate the fact they would rape the only female that's here. but i think it would be a great idea to bring them with us and result in nothing bad happening in any way whatsoever..."

at that moment you all deserve to die horrible deaths... and why in the flying *beep* does a movie containg giant mutated mosquitos need Last House On The Left styled villains?... oh wait... it doesn't, this isn't The *beep* Road, it's a monster movie

I'm not putting in my report that I lost a crew member to find an alien named Jerry- Barnes

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Shut up Hendricks

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Take your meds.

The worst thing that ever happened to the movies was when some pretentious twit decided they should be art.