Mean Creek : Question about George

Question about George

My question is about the scene where Clyde gives Millie, Sam, and George sandwiches. George asks if Clyde made them and he said yea, then George says something along the lines of "yum, you'll have to give me the receipe" and Clyde says "It's peanut butter and jelly" and everyone is kinda quiet for a moment. Is that scene supposed to insinuate that there is perhaps something wrong with George? I get that he's a bully and nobody really likes him but I was just wondering about that scene. I didn't see any posts about it so I figured I'd ask. Let me know what you guys think.

Re: Question about George

It was difficult for George to make friends. He was very socially awkward. He wanted to make friends, and was trying excessively hard. He meant to be friendly when he asked for the recipe, but it was just an incongruous comment to make about an ordinary peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was sort of a joking comment that fell flat, and the other kids considered it strange.