Lost : Similarities between lost and westword

Similarities between lost and westword

It has been quite sometime I saw the last of LOST. Both these shows have some common themes coz J.J. Abrams is attached to both of these shows. I will list some of them here.

Please feel free to add to this list.

1) Presence of the mysterious Man In Black.
2) An big corporation trying to control things from behind the scenes. Delos in West World, Dharma in Lost
3) The presence of the maze icon, In lost it was the various Dharma logos and in WW the maze diagrams spread throughout the series
4) Journey of self discovery. In Lost it was about Jack, in WW it was about Dolores.
5) Non linear timeline. In both the series the narrative is not linear in time, it switches back and forth.
6) Closeups of eyes.
7) Time loops, people living the same cycle again and again.
8) Presence of a hidden entity. Arnold in WW, Jacob in lost
9) Underground hidden stations.

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