Lindsay Lohan : Young women and bad boys

Young women and bad boys

I just read on the Internet that Lindsay Lohan reputedly said that she bought her own engagement ring because her now-ex fianc, Egor, did not have the money to purchase one. The Internet article went on to report that Lindsay claimed he was abusive; a reported photo shows Egor twisting Lindsay's arm.

You notice just how many teen girls and young women get wrapped up with bad, abusive boyfriends, young men, and fiances? Why? I no longer blame the women. Because I have a better understanding of what inspires young women to choose bad men. It's often the bad men that are the handsome, passionate, charismatic, virile, manly men that inspire passion in young women.

Think of it this way. Being a man, wouldn't you select a young woman who inspires and arouses passion and sexual desire in you? It's all human nature. A person may be a very nice, very good person, but if he or she does not arouse the mating interest in you, there's little chance that you are going to waste your time asking that person out.

Women above all, understand this and know the risks inherent in accepting or choosing the interests of a virile, masculine young man, even if the guy turns out to be controlling, negligent, or abusive. But they're going to do it anyway because no young woman wants to be with a boring young man. Now there is a time in a woman's life when that may not matter; she's older, with children, single again, and very much needs a man to support her and her children and provide the presence of a man in their lives so the need for a passionate, virile, young man no longer factors in. Sometimes it works and a mature woman can hook up with a mature single man. Sometimes it doesn't and some disgruntled ex-husbands complained that they were little more than a walking ATM for that divorced middle-aged woman and her children.

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You, and many other, conflate bad boy/girl with sexy. To prove that the two aren't same thing I'll name couple of celebrities that are both extremely attractive to girls, and they are all regarded as nice guys.

Ryan Gosling.
Lee Pace.

irrelevant if they are into girls, they say no one in hollywood is straight anyway. Sex appeal and niceness don't cancel eachother.

There are even some who aren't even that pretty, who have that nice guy quality and girls love them:

Sam Rockwell
James McAvoy

In other words, it's not even down to physical properties.

Anyone who has ever read any spoilers,
knows that Winter Is Coming

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you seriously going to compare a couple of celebrities to the average guy? that's stupid.

anyway, I agree with the OP, that does tend to work and I hear about this stuff happening ALL. THE. TIME. its frustrating to no end. but then again, if these girls are going to go out with these kinda dbags, then these girls were never that "nice" to begin with.

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There are plenty of handsome, charismatic and sexy men who are not abusive, and there are plenty abusive guys who aren't handsome, sexy nor charismatic. There are people who have self-destructive tendencies who tend to fall in love with abusiveness. It's irrelevant whether the guy who is abusive.