Kevin Costner : His Razzie nominations

His Razzie nominations

It's an absolute joke that an accomplished actor and director like Kevin Costner got several Razzie nominations, because some of his movies weren't hits & critics always loved to bash flops.

But what is a hit or a flop anyway?

Most of the best movies of any genre were failures at the box office and then they became cult-classics and reviewed again as greats ("Blade Runner", "The Thing", "Howard the Duck", "Big Trouble in Little China" to name a few). Some audiences at that time were just stupid or jumping in the lousy critics' bandwagon.

And just because an actor like Costner is a quiet, relaxed & subtile in his acting that doesn't mean he's a bad actor. Hollywood is plenty of *beep* actors such as Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Will Smith, George Clooney, Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker or the awfully hammy over-the-top Sean Penn and Christoph Waltz and mostly of them already have Oscars (some of them even 2 Oscars each), they got all critics' accolades and viewers around the world licking their asses.

Some of Costner's epic flicks such as "Waterworld" & "The Postman" were misunderstood, but will be regarded many years from now as cult classics.

"Wyatt Earp" is a great biopic movie that got hammered because audiences expected another "action videogame shoot'em up" like the previous Russell's "Tombstone".

"A Perfect World" remains one of Clin 5b4 t Eastwood's most inspired and well-directed movies (way better than "Mystic River", "J Edgar" or this years' turd called "American Sniper") and Costner's performance was one of the Top best from 1993.

Kevin Costner (like another great actor turned director: Mel Gibson) can act and can direct better than more than a half of nowadays Hollywood, so fvck off to the Razzies!!

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Well said!

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I agree completely.

🐺 Boycott movies that involve real animal violence (& their directors) 🐾

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Well said

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Razzies are rarely about the actual work. It's all tabloid journalism and politics

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I totally agree with you !

He was unjustly maligned and made fun of during a certain period of time - funny thing is he is infintely more talented than all the Georgle Clooneys, Matt Damons and Will Smiths who are so in vogue right now.

Kevin Costner is the man.

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Thanx a lot, guys 😃 people with good taste are rare nowadays...

If QT take inspiration,it's called homage,if everyone else do the same,it's called rip-off

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I'm with you on this, in a world where The Rock is a huge movie star some people don't get the subtlety of his acting. I think he is greatly underappreciated.