Kevin Costner : Costner has his strong moments

Costner has his strong moments

First of all, to any dedicated Costner fan, I am NOT a troll . . . But, as far as I'm concerned, Kevin Costner's overall acting abilities are so-so. He's done a few films over the past 30 years that I've truly enjoyed -- particularly "Dances with Wolves".
Unfortunately, too often I've found his acting chops fairly flat, dull and uninspiring.

But, PLEASE, don't take it personally that people who post comments that don't hail Costner's every effort as being trolls! Unless a comment is unnecessarily
negative or abusive, these message boards are here for ALL opinions. And, that's all that they are -- OPINIONS.

We are watching "The Untouchables" right now and he is just okay, not great, by any means. Just compare him with Sean O'Connery's energy and presence in this film (and I'm not a devotee of all of Sean's work either) but they're just in two different strata.

What I LOVE is Costner's recent acting in the "The Upside of Anger". He was funny, charming and absolutely PERFECT in the role. Beside looking pretty darn cute and sexy, he seemed totally relaxed and natural throughout the film. His energy and chemistry with Joan Allen as well as her daughters was funny, endearing and completely believable. A new favorite movie for me -- I loved it and I'm a fan of both of them. Great script, well acted and it's wonderful to see two actors in their 50's so perfectly matched in a clever film! If you haven't seen it, definitely see it ASAP!!