Jack Douglas : Memorable with Reiko

Memorable with Reiko

I loved watching Jack, often with his wife Reiko, guest on the various talk shows -he was a terrific raconteur. Back then I was also a fan of his clever books, such as My Brother Was an Only Child (his line has been ripped off many times since, without giving credit) and Never Trust a Naked Bus Driver.

I think the absence of great "talkers" like Jack, Peter Ustinov, Ashley Montagu, Sam Levenson, Alexander King and so many stars of the '50s and '60s is what differentiates the current set of talkshows from those of the Golden Age. To name just one obvious example, Merv Griffin is remembered for the hit gameshows he created, but his talkshow ALWAYS had fascinating guests, ranging from some of the most enduring talents in show business to the latest Andy Warhol superstar like Ultra Violet. The cross-section of people visiting Letterman are certainly big 21st Century stars, but I can't think of a single one (Joaquin Phoenix, anyone?) that is interesting enough to endure.

"Three quarters of what is said here can be completely discounted as the raving of imbeciles" - Donald Wolfit in Blood of the Vampire (1958)

Re: Memorable with Reiko

I, on the other hand, remember seeing them on TV when I was a kid and thinking, "who are these idiots?"

The worst thing that ever happened to the movies was when some pretentious twit decided they should be art.