Highlander : Who tipped off the police at the beginning of the movie?

Who tipped off the police at the beginning of the movie?

I was watching the movie today and was wondering how the hell the police got there so fast let alone how would they have known there was a murder? My theory is that the cops that showed up were on the take, possibly The Kurgan or Jacob Kell, hence the reason they were quick on the scene and why they were overly aggressive and quick to scoop up Connor. Just a thought though, maybe I'm over thinking it all. They never read him his Miranda rights and the arresting officer was pretty fervent in trying to get him charged.

Re: Who tipped off the police at the beginning of the movie?

I think you have to use your imagination a little bit. Just because you don't see it on camera doesn't mean it didn't happen

When Fasil and McLeod are fighting they are making quite a lot of noise, setting off sprinklers, lights flashing, etc.
It's more than likely, someone arriving late to the wrestling, walking by close to the underground garage, or someone else who got tired of the "lousy wrestling", etc., called the police I'd say about halfway through the sword-battle.

Getting a report of a sword fight/duel would spark the cops interest quite a bit in general, I imagine, and especially since the cops know there have already been a series of be-headings in the city (they are searching for a serial killer), they would go "all in" in terms of the numerous cops that show up.
Arriving on the scene seeing someone driving a sports car at high speed out of the garage, would make McLeod a prime suspect for whatever happened in the garage.

The police don't know there's been a murder/be-heading until after they've detained Connor (Mr Nash) and secured the area, so I'm not sure what you mean here.

About the aggressiveness and Miranda rights/warning. The only cop being overly aggressive is Garfield, and he's quite obviously bad at his job.
Maybe Connor got read his Miranda rights, off camera, or Garfield (or anyone else) neglected to do it.

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