Highlander : More on Eternal Life

More on Eternal Life


I belive that in the future humankind will with the help of sciense reach eternal life.

With the help of reverse aging engeniering and repearing aging with rejenutive medicine within stemcell research.
And and tishue engeniering and also the digitalisation of medicine.
With companies like SENS Research Foundation with DR Aubrey The Grey Ect.

For more on SENS Research Foundation and Dr Aubrey The Grey se the urls below.


I also belive that in the future humankind will with the help of sciense be able to raise the dead to eternal life.

With Bio Engeniering, Tishue Engeniering, Stemcell Research, Genetics and DNA,
And even Timetravel could be ways to raise the dead to life.

Ron Mallett, a physics professor at the University of Connecticut, He is totally candid about his research,
He has an equation that he believes holds the key to building the first time machine and he might be close to a breakthrough.
Like most time travel theorists Mallett anchors his idea in Einstein's theory of relativity.

For more on Ron Mallet se the url below.


Affcourse The engeniering teknike will advance more with time and gett more effective.

Then we have the question of space, Beside of the colonisation of outer space and its planets, One can se matter as a sphere, Then one could add more matter by increasing the dimention of the sphere. In that way one can build more space.

So the more matter you add the biger the sphere, So one could say space is infinite.

Also equal humanrights are important.

Regards Semi Ayeb