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kin killer

In the 3rd episode (counting the feature length episode) the bounty hunters go after a McCoy going by a different name and accuse him of shooting his cousins, "kin killer". When did that happen and why? I don't remember anything about a McCoy shooting a McCoy before that

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All I know is Selkirk McCoy sided with Hatfields over the pig issue. Then bounty hunters figured he was in on the murders of the 3 McCoy boys and was wanted. I might be wrong, I just don't know of any other McCoy involved. I'm on part 3 of the DVD Director's Cut.

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I think the above post is right. It was Selkirk McCoy that the bounty hunters were after. Selkirk, who was on the jury, did indeed side with the Hatfields in the verdict of the pig ownership trial. Not sure, but I think Selkirk's wife may have been a Hatfield. And again, not sure, but Selkirk may have been employed by Devil Anse in his timbering operation.