Gwyneth Paltrow : GP drives me crazy (in a good way)

GP drives me crazy (in a good way)

Ever since I laid eyes on GP, I've been infatuated. This has been going on for a while now! I don't pay much attention to all the social gossip, and I know she's a lightning rod for a lot of people's ire, but I have Great Expectations on right now, and it's always the same thing. I just melt when I see her. There are tons of attractive women around and I love'em all, but something about Gwynnie just appeals to me so much. I love her slender and tall frame, the long blonde hair, she doesn't seem to over-do the make-up, the soft expressive eyes, the cheekbones and her modest little mouth. Drives me crazy.

I'm not a woman much less Deanna Durbin, but the old-time glam-shot appeals to me.

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