Gosford Park : Freddie Nesbitt and Isobel McCordle

Freddie Nesbitt and Isobel McCordle

So sorry if this appears to be dense, but does anyone know exactly what had transpired between Freddie and Isobel? Had she become impregnated by him or aborted his child? Is this the secret he threatened to divulge if he was not given a job by William McCordle? I don't think his threat was ever fully explained in the film but I might have missed something. Like Lord Stockbridge I am a little hard of hearing and might not have heard the details despite repeated viewings!

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Nowhere through out the film they say it verbally, but from some of their gestures or sarcastic comments we finds out that she was pregnant and had the baby aborted. Now he wants her to persuade her father to hire him or he would tell her father about his daughter's little adventure. When McCordle doesn't accept it she gives him a cheque which his wife makes him destroy it.

I hope it answers your question

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Yes, your response does, indeed, answer my question! Thanks so much for your time and trouble.

I never tire of watching this movieit's witty, the cast is fantastic, the characters they play are interesting and I adore this particular period of history. Thanks again for clarifying this point for me!

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Happy to know this. Your welcome