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That's quite possibly the most annoying cliché ever.

The Annoyed Phone Bash

This used to be a staple in the pre-cellphone days, as a public payphone was ideal for it (a house or hotel room phone would be acceptable too).

The Basher is usually a Latin type, someone like Sonny from The Godfather. He is arguing with someone on the phone and comes off second best. When the call ends he looks furiously at the receiver then slams it down on the cradle, where it doesn't nestle properly, so he bashes it down on it four or five times, while snarling furiously. Really angry Bashers will hold the receiver like a hammer, and bash the phone that way.


Here are a few that really annoy me

Telescopic sights that zoom in

In murder mysteries when all the suspects are gathered together so the guilty party can be revealed, once confronted the guilty party always confesses even though the evidence against them is usually so vague that they could easily beat the charge

In forensic based crime shows every hair, toenail clipping, carpet stain or grain of dust gathered at a crime scene will relate directly to the crime

Detectives will work 24 hours a day on one crime until it is solved, with every other detective in the precinct ready to drop their own investigations to help out whenever required

Every truck driver wears a baseball cap, has a southern accent and loves country music

'In order for one to be affected by insults, one must have some respect for their source'

The Hesitant Face Debris Point-Out

Noticed this one several times over the last few years, usually in fairly inconsequential airheaded romps. The fact that I have never seen it in real life yet it has appeared several times in movies/tv in the past few years shows how these people steal from each other:

Two characters are talking face to face and one says "You havea littlesomething" and vaguely points to a fleck of food or shaving foam or whatever on the chin of the other (or they will shyly point to their own face to demonstrate).

People in the real world either ignore stuff like that out of embarrassment or just say "You got something on your chin". This "method acting" crap makes me mad!

The name of the mole is *GASP!* (dies)

Quite possibly the most irritating cliché ever. They even did it on 24 last night. It's where a wounded bad guy or informant is about to tell the name of a mole, or location of the bad guy, and starts the sentence, but dies before finishing it, making it not meaningful. A variant of this is where the bad guy is just about to give useful information, but then they get sniped through the window from a distant building.

The meek female

In action movies, the female lead will just whine the whole time. "We're going to die, aren't we! That's too high! I don't know what to do! That guy has a gun!"

They also have to have her knock someone out unrealistically, to make us all feel better. Why thank you. That makes up for the last 100 minutes of her being whiny, useless, stupid eye-candy.

Re: The meek female

I'm amazed to see that this thread is still going, so congrats to Ceer!

40 pages is quite a lot to wade through, so forgive me if I'm repeating a cliché which has already been posted.

But my favourite one is still the cliché that started this whole thing off, which is that any suitcase being carried by any actor or actress will always appear to be empty.

It will almost wave in the breeze it's so light.

But upon being opened it will reveal itself to be jam packed with clothes/weapons/money or other fairly heavy stuff.

Cheers, Will

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Re: The meek female

Again, possible repeat, but you reminded me of one my wife HATES:

Whenever people are drinking coffee (or any styrofoam stored beverage) the cup is always empty. It looks obvious every time. They keep sipping and moving the cup around in a way that would slosh coffee everywhere.

Would it really be so bad to put some water in there or something?

Anyway, this cake is great. It's so delicious and moist.

A delivery?? A phone call??? SOMEONE AT THE DOOR???

As well as suitcases, boxes are always empty too, like when someone is moving house or having a delivery.

When someone DOES get a delivery, they often look at it quizzically before signing for it - what, you've never had a parcel???

The other aspect of that is when there's a knock on the door and the couple look at each other, confused - "Who can that be?" ("at this time of night" I'll allow) - does NO ONE ever visit you, not even the Mormons?

Re: The name of the mole is *GASP!* (dies)

A variant of this is where the bad guy is just about to give useful information, but then they get sniped through the window from a distant building.

If you're good enough to snipe the bad guy about to leak info, why not just kill the cop he was about to tell?

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Quick! We have to kiss!

This little device is used to thrust together two characters for the shippers' pleasure (I think shippers is the right word- those who watch hoping/praying for the inevitable love connection). Usually it happens when the (non)couple is running or hiding from pursuers. For some reason if they kiss they become invisible from the bad guys. The one who initiates the kiss will do it out of necessity. It surprises the kissed who may or may not have had feelings for the kisser. If the kissed didn't have feelings before it will ignite thoughts of romance. The kiss goes very well and the kissed will be left weak kneed and wanting more. The kisser is oblivious to what just happened thinking the kiss was just a tool to hide. The shippers are both orgasmic that the kiss happened and yet still sexually frustrated that it only meant something to one of the kissers.

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It's not my baby! It's black!

Of course this only works with a white couple. This cliche is used in two different ways. The first way is to show immediately what a chump the "father" is. He was a man devoted to a slut of a woman who he refused to believe anything bad about her. He believed all her lies. He worshiped the ground she walked on even though he was the one she walked all over. The man is crushed. He may either be freed with this knowledge or he may stay in the relationship and continue to let the woman walk all over him. It all depends on if the man is a main character or a secondary character. If he's the main character it frees him. If he is a secondary character he was not very well liked to begin with and he "deserves" all the humiliation he gets.
The second way is an immediate release for the man. He feels trapped by the relationship but he's such a good guy that because she is carrying his child he would sacrifice everything in his life for the child. The woman may or may not be a good person. The relationship usually was a one night stand and is sprung upon the man on the ninth month. If it is in television it was just a throwaway story that would serve only to be an obstacle in the budding romance between the man and his true love. The young mother and child will never be seen again.

This can be seen as an immediate DNA paternity test. Of course as I type this I immediately think of two examples that disprove it: Me, Myself & Irene and a long running arc on Nip/Tuck.

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Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

Cell phones get a lot of abuse in media. They break really easy. They can't survive being squeezed or stepped on. In movies, they get tossed into bodies of water (rivers, fountains, oceans).

Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

This one really gets on my nerves. Whenever the hero is in a fight with someone, it only takes one punch and the guy is out cold. Like knocked out unconscious cold. That or they get hit with something or bump into something and they are done. When was the last time you bumped your head and you are out for like 15 minutes? It only gets better when the bad guy's friend sees him on the ground and calls out his name and he just wakes up like he was sleeping. SO CLICHE'!!!!!

Two really noticeable ones.

The cellphone dying when they have to call for help.

People getting shot, clutching their chest, and then falling off of a roof or high place in the same way. It's in every Westerm.


In horror movies, whenever someone hears a noise/crash/footsteps downstairs, they always call out


Like its no big deal or just a minor curiosity that someone is obviously in their house who isn't supposed to be.

"Ewwwwbad meat"

What bad guys do right before they are about to launch their master plan

Throw a party! Invite all kinds of people from all over the world. This gives the good guys (spies) an excuse to dress up in tuxedos and fancy revealing dresses and infiltrate the secret headquarters in the basement under the party and foil the plan.

So the next time you are planning on taking over the world please wait until after the plan succeeds until you throw a party.

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Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

Whenever there is a shot of a digital alarm clock, it is invariably just about to change to the top of the hour.

Whenever there is a couple in bed, the sheet is covering the woman's breasts, while the man is bare from the waist up. And no one ever sleeps naked.

When someone has a nightmare, he or she is always sleeping on his or her back, and will sit up gasping or screaming at the nightmare's termination.

Helicopters piloted by bad guys always blow up.

Arrows and Chinese throwing stars are never silent while airborne.

When someone is stabbed in the back, he will always be in the middle of a sentence, his speech will immediately stop, and he will fall forward silently, revealing the killer.

All movie courtrooms are huge and elaborately decorated and furnished.

All movie lawyers jump up and yell out their objections.

Characters in peril are never able to receive a signal on their cell phones.

Movie characters never have trouble finding parking places right in front of their destinations.

Plate glass windows in movies never shatter into big, pie-wedge shaped shards; they always shatter into tiny pieces, and characters who crash through them are never cut.

The Falcon flies

Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

Before a final confrontation/match/battle etc. when the heroes walk in slow motion with a rock song playing.

Whenever someone opens a fridge there is always a roast in there

'You're gonna die clown' Happy Gilmore

Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

The sleeping one annoys me. I was watching something once where these two people got blackout drunk and had sex. They wake up the next morning like "What did we just do?" and of course they're both wearing their underwear. So they're so drunk they can't remember it and they have sex and then they both collect their underwear from wherever they discarded it and put it back on so they could conveniently meet decency standards in the morning.

"Unless Alpert's covered in bacon grease, I don't think Hugo can track anything."

If you don't see a person's dead body, THEY'RE NOT DEAD!!!

In about fifty million action movies, the bad guys will mistakenly believe that they killed the main good guy in a shootout/explosion/etc. of course they really didn't because the good guy somehow escaped at the last moment. They should not brag so early, because it is a long-standing rule in action movies, that if you think someone is dead, unless you actually see their dead body, THEY ARE NOT REALLY DEAD!

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Re: If you don't see a person's dead body, THEY'RE NOT DEAD!!!

You can also have the opposite, where the guy who has hatched the evil master plan was supposedly killed years ago (usually by the hero). They come in and reveal themselves as the hero and his girlfriend are captured (leading to the escape sequence of the movie, a cliché on its own).

Wilhelm screams / Canned screams / Fake *beep*

Once you recognize these, they become obvious (and annoying). Look for the most obvious, the Wilhelm scream, on YouTube. Completely different characters, same screaming sound effect.

You also have the ambient screams of extras (well, supposed to be) when something happens in a public area. I can't describe them, but everyone knows what they are. The male one is like "Yaaaa-aaaah!" and then you have the female version also.

Then, finally, there's that newspaper that they use in every movie. It's the one with that 70's looking girl's face inside, and then a map on the front of it (or back, I forget).

I find it funny that movies have such large budgets, but use props and sounds that are in like a million other movies.

The small dropped item that bounces around a busy crowd

I just saw this one (again) on the latest Chuck ( with a dropped diamond ring. The first time I remember seeing it was in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ( with a diamond.
There is a small item. It could be diamond ring, a small bottle, a key, anything small enough to be kicked around easily. This item is dropped in a busy crowd. A crowd that knows nothing about the item dropped. The crowd is usually panicked about something and is moving around a lot. Our hero is desperately looking for this item and when he finally does spot it the item is unknowingly kicked by the crowd and lost in the confusion again. This happens over and over and hilarity ensues.

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Re: The small dropped item that bounces around a busy crowd

That has actually happened to me.

Since there seems to be a lot of tv cliches, heres my current pet-hate.

In shows like 24, CSI etc where they have a team of investigators pulling in leads and info from various sources: When they are sharing the clues that they've gathered (employment/arrest records, old address/aquaintances) they always have this jaded expression on their face like they are disappointed or just p'ssed that this information had to be sought out, like the suspect was meant to leave all this information in a big brown envelope tucked inside the victim's coat pocket but instead you've made the detectives go out and do their job. Even though the detectives don't know the suspect personally it's like "Typical! Turns out this victim/suspect we're running down information on has information about themselves that we don't intrinsically know about already. He/She's got a job, an address, a family, in fact before they had this job/adress/family they had different ones, which I had to go do detective work to find out. This job does not pay enough."

another one that annoys me

In almost any TV show/movie in which the main characters are up against a huge, horrible corporation it will usually just be referred to as 'The Company' - see Prison Break, Alien quadrilogy, etc.

I can only assume the writers think that by giving this corporation such a generic name it actually makes it more sinister. It doesn't - it sounds stupid and cliched!

Definition of troll on IMDb - anyone who expresses a view different to mine.

Re: another one that annoys me

The decision to call it The Company on Prison Break was annoying and confusing because we got introduced to it as this group which is engaged in all kinds of espionage type activities. Well of course "The Company" is a slang term for the CIA and when they first introduced the idea on PB I thought that they were talking about the CIA.

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Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

The all time cliche in my book and one that I think is completely criminal considering it has been pointed out so many times over the years.

People do not fly backwards off their feet when they are shot, even with a shotgun. IF that were possible, the person who shot them would also have to fly bakwards off their feet.

Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

White guy always has that best black friend.

Asian guys, if you even get to see any, never gets the girl, get laid, have sex, yet there are about 2 Billion Chinese people on the planet.

Hero of the movie never dies, unless it's a biopic.

In a struggle between a hero and villain, there's only one gun left with bullets, and that gun always falls out of someone's hand, so they fight/struggle to get the gun.

Evil villain always makes a long unnecessary speech only to get killed by the hero. And sometimes in the speech he reveals the secret to save the world.

Every time there's a long horse ride through a desert, everybody's clothes is still clean and pristine when they get into town. No one is ever full of dust or dirty.

When anyone is horrifically frightened, they never lose control of their bowels.

Any movie where someone cross dresses or uses prosthetics to disguise themselves, no one can tell they're wearing make up, and the people in disguise can wear those makeup/prosthetics for days without needing to retouch the disguise, nor do they ever feel uncomfortable wearing it for long periods of time.

Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

Along the line of the black friend there's this whole genre of films which are aimed at middle class black audiences and they're people entirely by middle class black characters. Now how many middle class black people don't have any white neighbors, friends, coworkers etc.

"Unless Alpert's covered in bacon grease, I don't think Hugo can track anything."

'Do you know how to use one of these?'

This question is typically asked by the lead male to a female major or minor character as he hands her a pistol. More often than not she's a waif of a girl but upon being asked this question she gets steely eyed then pops the magazine to check the ammo,slaps it back in then chambers a round. She then gives the male lead a smirk as if to say he's a chauvinistic pig for asking.

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Re: All time greatest clichés part 2


In a refrigerator if there's a carton of milk in it, it's always either full, or completely empty, never just not enough. I don't know how many times I've had little milk left that wasn't enough for my bowl of cereal.

And if there's a joke involving someone grabbing an empty carton trying to pour milk out for a bowl a cereal, the person always pour and shake before realizing the carton is completely empty. It never occurs to them there is no weight or no sloshing sound when they grab the carton of milk.

Milk in the fridge is always a carton, not plastic.

The Slide

It can be a garage door, a security door, a huge rock wall but when our hero makes a dash he must beat the door to the bottom usually with a slide that would rival a runner sliding into homeplate. Every so often he won't just have to beat the slowly dropping door/wall but he'll have to reach back and grab something that is left on the other side.

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Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

ok my pet peeves

1. The black or latino person is placed in a group of white people to be the loud, crazy, obnoxious character who knows and teaches the "clueless" white people how to dress, cook, danceits just so annoying!

2. when someone important (the president/ceo/king) is walking to his/her office they show the guards charging in front of them and the insubordinates hurriedly moving aside to make way.

3. the man/woman divorces/becomes widowed when they mean the lawyer/thearpist and after late night meetings or what have you they inevitably fall in love. bleh!

ill come back when i rememeber more

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Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

Clichés. Good one. Lets see

In a chase scene, someone always falls down.

Horribly outmatched athlete/team either ends up beating the much better opponent or nearly beats them and earning the respect of their opponent.

Speaking of the above, any overtly talented team always has an obnoxious, overbearing, stop at nothing to win coach while the overmatched team almost always has some person who was picked on by bigger kids when they were a kid.

Ugly, nerdy looking girl is always a super model ready to break out.

Gays are always portrayed as obnoxious flamers.

Cops who are days away from retirement never make it to retirement.

Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

Serbian films nominated for any award usually involve an erect male penis.

Romanian films nominated for any award usually involve the health service.

French films nominated for any award usually start with a long shot of a car in the distance coming over the horizon.

Polish films nominated for any award usually start with something vague going on in a church.

German films nominated for any award only ever win for cinematography.

Spanish films nominated for an award usually involve an animal being slaughtered.

English films nominated for an award usually involve the overuse of the F word.

Irish films only appeal to the Irish, or people living in Boston.

Egyptian films always manage to shoehorn pyramids into the plot.

Scandinavian films are in need of some judicial editing to cut out the long silences around the family dinner table.

Japanese films always have at least three shots of a young girl with a very short skirt.

Czech films always reference passive but effective resistance by a musician.

Russian films always last twice as long as they need to be.

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Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

Good-Will said

Serbian films nominated for any award usually involve an erect male penis.

Most of what you said seems fair but just on this one point: are you sure that they're male penises- cos if they're not then that's pretty damn original.

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Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

Character A: So, what happened with you?
Character B: Its a long story
Character A: Ive got plenty of time or were not going anywhere.

Normally used in a ridiculous situation where there is no hope of rescue.

Future weapon's sound effects

Once upon a time when a villain or a hero wanted to back up a point or enhance a speech he/she would chamber a round in their weapon. Of course sometimes it was overdone so much you would wonder how they weren't ejecting all their ammo. But now they've overcome that. Now with future weapons that don't use bullets the sound of their plasma/laser/wavemotion gun is a tone that cycles from low to high as it builds in intensity at the touch of a button.

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I used to be evil but now I'm good because…

This person may be a man or woman. They were once the baddest, meanest, cruelest, skillful, dangerous assassin/killer/warrior who belonged to bad guy's camp untilthey asked him/her to kill a child! (or a really hot woman) and our hero won't do it. At this time despite being such a valuable asset the head bad guy either tries to kill our conflicted subject or banishes them. The child or hot woman may or may not survive. Now despite every bad thing our subject has done before is now forgiven because now there is a line that will not be crossed. After a few run ins with the former employer our hero's line of cred is established and is accepted by the good guy camp.

The problem with Internet quotations is that many are not genuine. - Abraham Lincoln

The drag away

Whether this is supposed to build mystery or fear of the unknown or save a few bucks on special effects is up to interpretation. The victim is very scared or confused as to what is happening. He/she is looking all around for an attack that might come from any direction. Suddenly they are pulled off their feet. Whether they land face up or face down doesn't matter. A close up is shot of their face showing terror. The victim is then dragged off usually screaming and waving their arms about. Once in a while they may leave behind scratch marks on the floor with their fingernails.

The problem with Internet quotations is that many are not genuine. - Abraham Lincoln

Re: Cliches

I used to work as a locksmith, and I can tell you that most of the time, it takes a few minutes to pick a lock. Not mere seconds like almost every movie depicts. It can happen, but rarely. They also very rarely use the right tools.

Of course the ever popular "bottomless magazine" for the good guys pistol or rifle.

One that I REALLY hate is the main characters falling in love immediately based on nothing but attraction. They also will rearrange their entire lives for someone they just met because they are "in love".

Or, someone who is about to get married and has second thoughts, immediately falls in love with somebody else, and runs off to marry them. I guess all the money and planning that went into the wedding they were supposed to have just goes in the toilet!

I also love it when the good guy can knock out the guards or whatnot with one blow, and the guys stay knocked out for insanely long periods of time, and they never wake up in time to pull their guns and shoot the good guys as they make their getaway, or are able to call for backup!

Everyone seems able to operate any firearm they pick up immediately, even if they have no experience with guns. They also have great marksmanship too! And, the guns never jam (because inexperienced tiny girls never limp wrist the huge Glock or 1911 they suddenly know how to shoot!) And of course, they never run out of ammo.

I love the revolvers that hold 10 rounds! However, people need to realize that not all revolvers are 6 shooters. J frame snubbies are 5, and some S&W .357's hold 7 or 8. Also, a silencer (suppressor) doesn't work on a revolver!

I really love it how the bad guys immediately fall down dead when shot only once by the good guys, no matter what caliber, or how bad the shot placement is. And conversely, the good guy can get shot several times and keep fighting and never bleed out! Evidently, good guys only die when shot in the heart, or in the head.

Re: Cliches

- What I really hate is when a suspicious character hears a knock or noise outside and looks through the window curtain instead of the front door eyehole, but there never is any threat probably the biggest cliche ever!

- Another one is a maid in a hotel is always certainly a latino/mexican lady! Hey, Spanish people, take financial advantage of this cliche & open up a Maid Actress Training School! hippy.gif

- Anyone getting shot in the forehead is always a douchebag if not, then the movie usually is a box office flop.

- In all superhero movies the super villain is usually rich or a scientist. If the super villain is poor or uneducated, there is always some lame excuse as to why they become a super villain. Super villains are never evil just because. sword.gif

- In action movies the hero usually has supporting actors publicly giving praises as to how hot the hero is. We've all heard this one and boy do I groan when I hear it! Or sometimes there's another version where the hero confronts some tough gang members and the conversation goes something like this:

Hero: I'm looking for [so-so].

Gang Member: Who's asking?[usually with a switchblade out & gang members in tow]

Hero: Hero Williams[with a stern steady look in his eye]

Gang Member: Hero Williams! Oh! Why didn't you say so? I was just kidding! Hey, I heard you killed 1,000,000 guys That's true?[or something similar]

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"The biggest cliche is Life the Board Game LOL"

Who is Mr X?

MR X has never been seen. Everyone MR X has had contact with is dead. Who is this MAN. This GUY sure is dangerous. Who could HE be? This FELLOW is smart! Whenever we see this GENTLEMAN HIS face is covered, HIS hands are covered, and HE wears a heavy black leather outfit that masks HIS form. Or HE stays out of sight in the shadows. Well, in case you haven't figured it out just yetMR X is really a woman.

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Re: Who is Mr X?

A few more cliches not sure if they have been posted before because I have only read half the posts on this thread so if I am duplicating I apologise in advance.

The time bomb:- It always and I mean always has a red, digital countdown clock and it is unerringly split second accurate. In reality of course the scary thing about a time bomb is that you don't know exactly when it is going to go off and that is what causes panic and distress.

Doctors:- A whie male doctor must wear a white coat, a black male doctor must wear a white coat and a stethoscope and a female doctor must wear a white coat, a stethoscope and carry a clipboard.

A minor character who happens to mention that they were a champion swimmer/runner/boxer in their younger days will always need just that skill to save the day during an "impossible" situation for the hero later in the film.

If there is a solo bassoon playing, the scene will always be played for laughs - always.

Re: Who is Mr X?

Just like Canton 59 said, I've only read a few of these so I apologize if any I write here have been said before;

- A single parent- mother or father, but usually father- has a daughter or son that doesn't respect them until a disaster happens, like a volcano or tornado and that parent, who happens to be trained in handling exactly that problem, saves the whole town from destruction and then their kid loves them.

-Limo drivers are always mindless people who are too happy to go anywhere different from where they were supposed to once their rich passenger asks them to. This was a classic in the mid 90's.

-Just because a car has been driving behind you for a while it automatically means you're being followed by whoever is in that car. I've been in a few situations where I was driving from my town to another to go to the store and a car was behind me for 90 percent of the trip and I did not believe I was being followed.

- Villians that always live in ultrasleek apartments- usually made of all chrome or shiny metal.

- You don't see this so much anymore, but super villains that catch the good guy and have them strung up in some elaborate device designed to kill them when all they had to do was have a henchman just cap the good guy.

-Bad guys that actually have henchmen and an endless supplyi.e. the Die Hard or Indiana Jones movies.

- The very word villain- is it ever used anywhere else besides movies? Like Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Timothy McVeigh- they are all referred to as terrorists. But has anyone ever called them villains?

- Cool/hip police partners having snappy comebacks for each other on almost everything that's said between them.

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Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

When a car is driving toward someone or something and is obviously very close to whatever or whoever they are driving toward and then the camera cuts to that person or thing and when the cam cuts back to the car it is very far away. The DeLorean testing scene in the beginning of Back To The Future is great for this-Einstein the dog is riding in Doc Brown's DeLorean. He is barreling very close to Marty and Doc. The cam cuts to the expressions on Doc and Marty's faces. When the cam cuts back to the DeLorean, it is nowhere near as close to them as it just was.

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The bad guy who couldn't help but gloat

The hero lays at the villain's feet defeated. The villain could finish off the good guy at any time but he stops to gloat. And then he says the thing that gives the hero strength/will/determination to continue fighting. It goes something like this:

Villain: You never should have fought against me. I am too strong, too smart, and too ruthless for you to ever beat me.
Hero: *groans in pain* *tears stream down his/her face in frustration*
Villain: You will die at my hands and afterward I shall spend time getting to know your wife/daughter. She'll scream for hours and then I'll kill her after I'm finished using her for my every pleasure.
Hero: *eyes flare open and he/she slowly stands up, tottering at first, and then proceeds to kick the villain's a** seven ways to Sunday as if they were never hurt in the first place.

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Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

Take out or delivery food is almost always Chinese food and always in the traditional Chinese cartons, not styrofoam which seems to be used more often in real life. and everyone is adept at using chopsticks

Re: All time greatest clichés part 2

And why does everyone in films and TV eat right out of the carton? Put your food on a plate instead of sticking your germy expertly used chopsticks!