Film Art and Cinematography : I'm interested in Cinematography, but..

I'm interested in Cinematography, but..

Not sure where to start.

I want to purchase or rent a 35mm film camera, one that would produce the quality of a feature length film such as There Will Be Blood.

Anyone know a website where I can look at prices of a good quality 35mm camera?

Re: I'm interested in Cinematography, but..

A reputable sales dealer.

Renting a camera depends on your location, but any rental house will REQUIRE you carry insurance. Look up motion picture insurance rates.

And because you're going to need film: a 400' load (roughly 4 minutes of run time) is $317.

And don't forget the cost of your lab to process your negative and either provide a one-light work print or a digital transfer.

You haven't even gotten to lenses or support gear yet and it going to cost you at least $10,000 to shoot less then 4 minutes of footage.

If you've never even touched a film camera before, save your money and go to film school.

Ask if you have any further questions.

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Re: I'm interested in Cinematography, but..

Sweet man, thanks so much for that info. I'll reply here if I have any questions.

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Re: I'm interested in Cinematography, but..

I guess Ebay would be a nice place to dig; you may purchase a new one or you can search for a used one. Used ones also comes with warranty, so it would be a nice deal.

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