Fifty Shades Darker : Christian's apartment

Christian's apartment

Why did it look different than in the last movie? Did anyone notice?

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There were some major changes to it.I think maybe a little too many changes. It could almost be construed as a "consistency" issue. From the time they "broke up" to the time they both meet up @ Jose's gallery thingy, only a few weeks, at most, had passed. So, unless Christian did some renovations to his place in that time frame I really don't know. To me this seems more of an error in consistency?!?!

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There is a great video floating around with the set director talking about the changes in the apartment, and why he made them..I though it looked so much better..

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Remind me how many days between the break up and Jose's art show?

Less than a week though, wasn't it?

I'd certainly like to know who Christian's contractor and decorator are to do that many overhaul changes in a few days!

Surely for continuity purposes, they had to make the estrangement longer? Otherwise, it's a kind of glaring odd thing that the set decorator and director just ignored? Timewise?

The team that just ignored the previous living room we saw less than a "week" before, and changed it to this one remind me of kids who stand and hold their hands hiding their eyes and think because they can't see YOU, you can't see THEM!

Please send me that UberDecorator's number, Taylor. He/She must be superhuman.


Oh well, guess we never worried when Jean Pargeter's kitchen wall tile changed constantly in her house in Holland Park throughout "As Time Goes By." ha

Re: Christian's apartment

Funny.when u get the "uber decorator's", pls pass it's!!
Yes, his penthouse looks amazing now!! Changes r beautiful, but I would take these major changes r a continuity problem, period!!!

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You know what Cobbler, I couldn't believe it either. The fireplace alone would take about a week, maybe longer. If I remember correctly, in the movie there was a three week estrangement period, opposed to a week in the book.

I hated the old apartment. It looked late 1980's to me, so I didn't mind seeing that go, but I'm not keen on the new one either. It's an improvement, but just not my style I guess, which, of course, is ok.

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