Economics, Business, Money, Finance : Is a sales job a good outlet?

Is a sales job a good outlet?

The only problem is angry threats from customers over the phone? I don't care about that! I think you get into the repetition or get lucky sometimes.

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That customer gambles with lives, happiness, and even destiny itself.
Everything and more lies ahead, what with the future yet to come.

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Re: Is a sales job a good outlet?

it's a challenge. the standard cliche saying from management is: "it's a numbers game" meaning that the more calls you take/make the law of averages will tend to "even out" the horrible days with the good/passable days. you have a pretty thick skin coming from the soapbox and this place. try a call center sales job and see how you like doing "battle". considering how much abuse you get on here, the insults some joker gives you on the phone is nothing!

with the right training and the right product(s) to sell and the right customer base, you can make good money. if the company is ethical and legit you must follow the script and the rules. if the company wants the sale without regard to standards, then the only rule is not to fail.

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