Dead Man's Gun : The Gun

The Gun

There's nothing really available on the internet about this particular gun, which is a real shame since I recall it as a rather beautifully customized piece. Even the Internet Firearms Database, usually a very helpful & detailed source, has NOTHING. I have not found a photo of it anywhere.

However, for those that are curious, it's a Smith & Wesson Schofield model in .45 caliber. Sometimes it's called a Smith & Wesson Russian model, since the Russian Army bought a ton of them in caliber .44 however this seems to be .45 caliber & is therefore not a "Russian," but the S&W Schofield.

Though I know a bit about firearms, I am not an expert on this era, so others may be able to expand on this, and I encourage them to do so. And if anyone finds a good article or photo on the gun, please post here with the links.