Cinderella Man : Renee Zellweger weak against Crowe . . .

Renee Zellweger weak against Crowe . . .

I've liked Zellweger in a few films but she's an odd fit for this part and this film. IMHO, she just doesn't come across as believable as Crowe's wife too fragile, too mousy. The moment I realized she was the 'wife' character, I knew it wouldn't work. He needed a much stronger, more dynamic female partner and she simply couldn't pull it off. And,
that 'Jersey/Brooklynesque' accent she uses is awful.
She needed a better voice
coach and direction here
her speech is often
Frankly, I find her performance annoying here.
She comes across far better
in lighter roles i.e
"Jerry Maguire", 'Bridget
Jones', Beattrix Potter
films. Again, this is all "in my humble opinion".

fare. In any case, thankfully, she isn't in that many scenes and Crowe delivers another strong performance . . .