Cheers : ONLY 'Muricans

ONLY 'Muricans

I'm not from 'Murica, despite that this drivel was on television in my country, as were a lot of 'Murican 'comedies'. I say 'comedies' because they weren't (aren't) comedies. A comedy implies there's something to laugh and 'Muricans 'comedies' are nothing to laugh about, they only make you cry. That's how bad they are.

Sooooo many series that 'Muricans think are funny, I'll name a few (the names might not be 100% correct) that were on national television in my country (for whatever reason, people in my country are on average too sophisticated to like that ****):

Friends with benefits
2.5 moron
the big bang bus theory
the golden shower girls
family gay
the dumbsons

… there are waaaaay more

NONE of these series is funny. Smashing a sledgehammer on my penis is funnier than watching any of these shows, and believe me, smashing a sledgehammer on my penis is NOT funny (it sucks when you have to keep buying new sledgehammers because you old one broke again). What is it in the 'Murican psyche that they *think* these series are funny? Is it because 'Muricans are generally dumb (that would explain why the demonrats keep getting a few votes every election, I'm talking about legitimate votes, not those 81 million fake ones for dementia joe)?

Is it because 'Muricans just *have* to laugh - Pavlov like - when they hear the laugh tape that plays constantly during these shows so the 'Muricans know when to laugh?

Is it because 'Muricans are ashamed to feel dumb by admitting they don't understand the joke so they laugh in order to pretend they get the joke?

I can't think of any other valid reason.

Fact is that ONLY 'Muricans seem to actually think these shows are funny. Heck, I think I can even find Germans that are funnier than these shows!

True humour comes from the UK, and from France. I pity the 'Muricans and all those outside of the US and A that are forced to watch the 'Murican mediocracy on their televisions, forced as in: there's nothing else really.

Thank Satan we have youtube and torrents, so we can still enjoy some good Brittish and French humour.


Thanks, Boris.


Okay thanks, Boris!


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You can’t even spell Uhmerica. Dummy!

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Cheers, Seinfeld, and The Simpsons are all critically acclaimed series' around the world. The rest of the list aren't held in the same regard.

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cheers, seinfeld and simpsons critically acclaimed? That must be the equivalent of justin bieber being a critically acclaimed singer.


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I prefer other people around the world don't like American comedies.

And just stay the hell out of here, too.

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Cheers for Beers, bitch! 🍺