Bewitched : Home to Mother?

Home to Mother?

In the episode today Samantha threatened to go home to her Mother, Darrin asked where exactly would that be? I wondered if there ever was an episode which showed Endora's home? They did show Endora, Samantha,and Tabitha sitting on a cloud but somehow I don't think that's a permanent residence.

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No, that's one of the mysteries of the show, is where the Witches lived. Where were they when they were not at Samantha's house? I always wondered if they had actual HOUSES somewhere on Earth, like maybe in Europe or somewhere, ~I could picture Endora living in France, she seemed to talk about it a lot~

But what little we get to see into the Witch's lives ~away from the Stephens'~ house, it looks pretty boring, they are either just sitting on a cloud, or in an empty space with smoke around the floor lol

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I could never figure out HOW you could sit on a cloud. Wouldn't you just fall through? And if it rained, there goes your "house". LOL

Oh just kiddin, I remember an episode when Sam was angry with Darrin and she DID go home to mother, well actually she went and sat on Endora's cloud.

I wonder why they didn't show any of their homes. Maybe they never could design something that would live up to the imagination of the viewer. It was just another one of those mysteries, as you said. But they had to live somewhere. At least they had to sleep somewhere. Samantha slept so it must have been the normal thing for the rest of the witches.

In the episode when Endora became ill and lost her powers due to the Macedonian Dodo Bird, she stayed overnight at the Stephens house. That made me think that she couldn't get to her actual home without her powers. I mean, she couldn't take a cab! Hey, maybe it was in the clouds!

Living in France would make sense for Endora. She did seem fond of the country. In at least one episode I remember Sam saying that Paris was one of her mother's favorite cities. In a first season episode Endora convinced Samantha to have lunch with her Paris because Darrin was working long hours. Remember how they ran into the Tates who were also in Paris? A big OOPS for Sam. LOL

I tend to think Endora had a home in Europe. She asked Sam during lunch if she remembered some of their old times there. I think she might've mentioned Nice or the Riviera. Endora had a fondness for Europe.

Butclouds and smoky floors, they sure saved a fortune in funrniture. HA!

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Thanks for your help. I also remember a couple of episodes where the Queen came to stay while deciding if Samantha and Darrin's marriage should be absolved or not. She changed the furniture into her own and it was definitely European. It looked like it was from a castle or grand manor. In another episode Samantha was helping a warlock with a ghost problem. It was a castle in England which ironically Darrin's parents were also visiting. It makes sense they would live somewhere grand.
Now all I wonder about is, was Dr Bombay paid for his services?

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I remember once Endora mentioned having something ~a painting I think~ at the bottom of one of her CLOSETS~ so that, to me, implies at least somewhat of a normal home ~with closets~ Of course it could have just been a figure of speech.

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They mentioned living in Boston at one time also, in the episode with the warlock who turned himself into a chair.

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Yes, and Serena was living in Salem for some reason during the witch trial era. I guess that would have been a few centuries before Endora and Sam were in Boston though.

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