Basic Instinct : Condense amoralist nonsense

Condense amoralist nonsense

An ode to stupid illegality. You know people go paralegal or illegal in pursuit of something, usually power and money. Here we get devil wears no panties, without a cause, capriciously. I understand the main motive that makes characters act in this picture is pleasure, but the extent is not realistic and not persuasive.

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Shut up you pretentious twat. This is a work of fiction.

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Basic pleasure is not the main motive here, not by a long shot. It's about power. It's about a sociopath playing a dangerous game simply because it amuses her to do so. She's gaining the ultimate thrill, controlling and manipulating the police. Many serial killers and sociopaths have done many similar things throughout the years, including BTK and the Zodiac Killer. In fact, it was BTK's egotistical need to play with the cops that led to his capture.

For her, she needs the rush to feel alive, to achieve a sort of psychotic high. It's not enough to simply kill, that's too easy. She needs the rush of killing and getting away with it right under society's nose. It's not pleasure, it's addiction.

In Michael Douglas's character's case, it about walking the edge. He's systematically drawn into a game where he no longer gets to set any of the rules. For him, this is both intriguing and emasculating, which is why he fluctuates between giving into her and trying to dominate her.