Badland : Why I didn't like the movie *** SPOILERS ***

Why I didn't like the movie *** SPOILERS ***

First off, the music sucked. It was like that made-for-late-night-TV kinda melodrama crap.

But even if I could get past that, the entire premise was for me unbelievable. I could not get past the notion that Jerry would shoot 3 members of his family (4 if you include the unborn child) in a flash, but then all-of-the-sudden grow a conscience and not shoot his daughter (or himself). The movie tries to make it out like the daughter was sympathetic to him and the other family members were "evil". Of course the mother had a bad seed in her, but they boys.. they were just boys. Sure, the girl might have shown a little more emotion toward him, but.. she's a girl! Girls are more emotional. The little boys were just being boys. So it made no sense to me that the girl was somehow "innocent" and the little boys were somehow not.

More realistically Jerry would have killed his entire family and then himself. Or at least the whole family.

Then there was the cop. Poor choice in an actor. Dude could not act. I found myself laughing at him in the melodromatic scenes. It looked like a couple of times Jamie Draven was trying not to laugh as well. The acting was just lousy and a big turn-off for what were supposed to be emotional scenes.

Then the final scene. This guy has no problem killing a bunch of innocent people (including the cop) but when his daughter gets killed when she forgets to look both ways before going into the street is when he breaks down and cries. I mean he killed nearly his entire family but it's not until his daughter dies that he feels any kind of emotion? This was also too big for me to swallow.

Anyway I gave it 4 stars.

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He was going to kill the girl but the gun jammed. Hard to pull the trigger a second time when your daughter is begging for her life. Also there is probably a moment for these things when you are "in the zone". It wasn't very realistic that they got away though.

I thought the cop was perfectly cast because it's later such a relief watching him bleed to death.

Re: Why I didn't like the movie *** SPOILERS ***

The content of the film, the slow pace and the length of the film all made it a bit of an ordeal.