Badland : ?s about this film.

?s about this film.

Was his wife pregant with his child or his coworker's child? The recap of his reasignment/discharge and the actions of his coworker make me think that she was having his coworker's kid.

What was his coworker doing under orders of the boss? Why go through so much trouble just to fire some one? or maybe even get him thrown in jail?

How much money had his wife saved up? Looked like a couple thousand.

Re: ?s about this film.


Re: ?s about this film.

I didn't get the impression that his wife was cheating on him with his co-worker. I think when he arrived at work a bit early in the afternoon, he found that the co-worker was stealing propane, which he himself was getting blamed for, and that was why he beat the co-worker up. I'm not sure if the boss was in on it as well. The co-worker said something about doing it because the boss ordered him to and he had no choice, so maybe the boss and the co-worker both were doing it, and he was getting blamed for it. It really is a bit confusing. But I didn't get the impression that the wife was cheating on him with anyone.

I'm not sure why the wife was taking his money. He was suspicious of giving her any money. When he arrived home from work, he'd asked one of the kids not to give the money to her, so evidently he didn't trust her with money. But why was she taking his money ? Was she supposed to be paying bills with it, and she was actually using it for something else ? I don't really know.