Bad Teacher : weird question

weird question

regarding the state test, she got the answer sheet one month before they announced that her class was the highest score.

did she train the kids for the right answers from knowing what was on it ahead of time or did she take the tests and fill in the bubble sheets ahead of time and use those. if the kids retook the test you would think they would get the same marks?

Re: weird question

I always figured that she told them which bubbles to fill in, but then I wondered how none of the kids told anyone that their teacher was making them cheat.

Re: weird question

She seemed like a smart enough woman, so I'm assuming she subtly gave the answers to them, sprinkling them in the month prior to the test and subtly reinforcing them to get the point across.

Re: weird question

Yes, she knew what questions would be on the test, so she taught the kids the answers to those questions ahead of time, and so they all did well on the test.