Actors and Actresses : Is Horst Buchholz Germany's closest thing to an Alain Delon and Omar Sharif?

Is Horst Buchholz Germany's closest thing to an Alain Delon and Omar Sharif?

By this I mean actor who not only has German as his first language but actually grew up in Germany since birth and had his rise to A Lister started in the country before his career rose to international stardom along with being a national sex icon and is still seen as a "German" first movie star even after global stardom and making it big in Hollywood.

No other native born German who grew up in Germany with a respectable career in German language movies seem to have gotten his level of international stardom the way Omar Sharif penetrated English speaking cinema despite his origins as an Egyptian in Arabic cinema and Alain Delon being the biggest male movie star from Europe in the world excluding Hollywood and Anglo cinema (and he still managed to star with contemporary California A listers). As wella s being a sex symbol in the way Sophia Loren was.

I ask because not only is Bucholz famed for THe Magnificent Seven but he's often labeled as the German James Dean in American journalism and even far later in his career when he became old and fallen off from the top, he still managed to get roles in British cinema (something Alain Delon could not done near his career's end despite being a far larger str on the global scene than Bucholz ever was).

So is Bucholz pretty much the closest equivalent for German speaking movie industry to the international giants that was Omar Sharif and the still-living and still worldwide popular Alain Delon? Or is there another star you could counter with for this honor?

Keep in mind I specifically mean an equivalent to Alain Delon and Omar Sharif in that not only was he a representative to relative to Germany's place in the cinematic industry as an international famous name in the way Delon and Sharri were, but he was a ridiculously good looking guy who was represented as a sex symbol world wide, two things that practically are so entwined with Omar and Alain. As well as acting in English roles because he was that big overall and gaining a popular niche among English speaker including actually making it as a respected name in Hollywood which Delon never managed to despite being far bigger at his peak but Sharif absolutely did (to the point his Doctor Zhivago was the biggest money maker in America at its released and when adjusted for inflation the 8th highest grossing movie ever in America, topping its already impressively momentous 9th place as highest grossing movie of all time period when adjusted for inflation).

So it isn't enough that a German actor becomes huge internationally to mainstream levels like Curd Jurgens later did in his career but that he was seen as a sex symbol both within Germany and outside at his peak. As I mentioned earlier,Buchholz was seen as the German James Dean so there's already an argument for him being the German equivalent of Alain Delon and Omar Sharif.

To make it even more specific and avoid apples and oranges, lets leave it to stars who peaked at the 60s and maybe still had a career in the 70s which were the prime years of Delon and Sharif.

Re: Is Horst Buchholz Germany's closest thing to an Alain Delon and Omar Sharif?

I would say so.

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