War Films : today 12.30PM 'Beachhead" 1954

today 12.30PM 'Beachhead" 1954

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Time12:30pm - 2:30pm
Duration120 minutes
Channel9Gem Melbourne
Production Year (1954)
Series Number
CastTony Curtis, Mary Murphy, Frank Lovejoy, Eduard FranzAdd to MyGuide
In 1943, in the wake of the Allied amphibious landing on the Japanese held Bougainville Island, four Marines are sent to scout the location of Japanese minefields.

Re: today 12.30PM 'Beachhead" 1954

Seen it many moons ago. Ok, but nothing really over the top.

Re: today 12.30PM 'Beachhead" 1954

na...and terrain is very questionable, same as I noticed it was awful in ' Hell to Eternity" which I had always held as a favorite Pacific War movie..as the movie drags on into the Saipan campaign, the large battle sequences , equipment continuity etc, is awful..

I want to see 'all the young men', but of all the many many war movies up on youtube, it is not, except excerpts...even 'when hell broke loose" is there, which gave me an opportunity to see it again...I always thought it was re: Battle of the Bulge", but it is not..the German Kommandos in it are much later 'Werewolves" guerillas, not SKorzeny saboteurs in Ardennes...it is an above-average movie.

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All The Young Men is not bad imo. A later Ladd film that works quite well.

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yes, I want to see that again, and it is not on youtube..

633 Squadron and the Dirk Bogarde one where they are scampering around planting charges on some very authentic Regia Aeronautica airplanes in Aegean somewhere, were on yesterday...I watched about half of 633 Squadron just for the theme and nostalgia

in that and 'Mosquito Squadron" which was mostly a rehash of it using much of same footage and with David McCallum replacing Cliff Robertson...the squadron leader has to conveniently eliminate his competition by bomb and kill the glamor girl's captured resistance boyfriend...although in 633 Squadron, it was a bit strange...he was kind of fiddling George Chakiris' squeeze behind his back as soon as he was out of town para-dropping back into Norway..

I learned that the Norwegian Resistance had a funny name, although I've momentarily forgotten what it was again...I'm not sure it was even mentioned in 'Heroes of Telemark" or the recent 'Heavy Water war" mini-series..