Zombie 5: Killing Birds : the ending

the ending

how does it end?

Re: the ending

A massive flock of birds descend upon the house that the blind man is in and they kill him. And he is dead. And the brat teens drive away. And they live. And the one kid has the coolest laptop computer ever! I like his program where the two stick figures "do it"!

Re: the ending

A massive flock (murmuration) of birds is optically superimposed over the house. There is the screeching of hawks and it is implied that they attack and kill Steve's dad. The two survivors walk away. We don't know if they live happily every after or are eaten by alligators, sacrificed to Cthulhu in a cult ritual, or run over by a drunk driver. The laptop is an IBM PC Convertible, which weighed almost 13 pounds, had a CGA-compatible monochrome LCD screen capable of 640x200 or 320x200 graphics (unless you add green vector graphics with an optical effect), and no hard drive.