Mala Powers : saw her in Perry Mason episode

saw her in Perry Mason episode

Although I had heard her name before, I did not know a face to go with it. I recently saw her in the Perry Mason episode The Case of the Scarlet Scandal as Elaine Ba b68 yler. Although she played a rather unpleasant character, I could see that even during her brief screen time at the beginning of the episode that she was still quite beautiful and sexy at age 35. I will be watching for more of her appearances in classic TV shows and vintage movies in the near future. She truly had that "star quality", even if she was unable to make the best of it for much of her life.

Re: saw her in Perry Mason episode

Watching her right now in case of the Frightened Fisherman. She was a beautiful lady.

The Weary Watchdog

I saw Mala Powers in a Perry tonight, the one about the weary watchdog. It was a well made episode, and Miss Powers gave a fine performance, and was beautiful as always. She and Barbara Hale played well off one another. I would be surprised if they were real life friends.