Star Trek: The Next Generation : my last post about my favorite show

my last post about my favorite show

I always loved Star Trek. I grew up on TNG, I absolutely loved DS9, even Voyager had its moments. I've also been on IMDb for, what, 13 years? Wow. I never posted much, but I visited the site a lot and spent dozens, if not hundreds of hours browsing these forums. I figured that my final post should be on the show that got me in to science fiction in general and Star Trek in particular. This show shaped many aspects of my life, almost all for the better. I'm sorry I won't be able to read these community messages any more, and I have no other place to post random Star Trek thoughts that pop into my head.

Bon voyage, IMDb. I honestly will miss this place.

Re: my last post about my favorite show

good bye and i hope you live long and prosperous

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