The Sopranos : lol


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i forgot it was that pillow biter Vito who whacked Jackie Jr

i’d never seen this show before this year and i just binged all 6 seasons in the last month 🤌🏼

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lol i have never seen a whole episode, have just watched all the best bits on youtube. Someone in the comments mentions how the gun Vito uses looks like a dollar store plastic one and now I cant unsee it lol

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it’s actually a fuggin masterpiece of a series

i’m watching Boardwalk Empire next and then probs Ozark bc everyone and their grandma is horny for that show

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BE, another show that I have not watched an episode of but have watched many clips on if on youtube I liked Gyp Rossetti's meltie at a meeting in a kitchen, you will know when you see it lol

Ozark is pretty good, the first hour should be enough to peak your interest