24 : how i hate this show - convenient cop-outs

how i hate this show - convenient cop-outs

so EVERY time someone is in trouble, they get saved because the baddie gets a call, or something happens for them to divert their attention.

and then on top baddies make so many mistakes when its convenient.

(just finished re-watching s1 / s2)

in S2: The baddies kill kate warners PI. but he spares her and tells his 'baddie' friend to kill her..

kate warners sister who is with the terrorist, out of no where says 'you should all go to 'fake location'

in the finale - when jack tries to shoot the baddie and his clip/gun is empty - the guy just walks towards him for like eternity and gets shot as he is about to shoot Jack.. but just second later, the guy in helicopter said 'someones injured' so they could have just shot Jack had he been standing up..

plenty more examples that make me cringe..