Travel and Recreation : greetings from beautiful New York City!

greetings from beautiful New York City!

I won a contest and a trip to beautiful New York City for drawing a turtle! Just laying up in my completely paid for accommodations, drowning my sorrows with a few slabs down here in the Bowery at The New World Hotel. If you're in the area drop on in and have a cold one with me, show me where to get the good hookers and a couple bumps, mate!

Watch out for the desk clerk, he's a dodgy old bogan with a terrible bark but no bite. Bloke looks like a human potato, and he clearly has a few kangaroos loose in the paddock, and if you pass out in the hallway at night he will molest you, but other than that he's a decent fellow to converse with if you're drunk enough and can stand the smell!

Here's the hotel i'm staying at, The New World Hotel in the Bowery. Message me if you need the address. Some of you may already be familiar with it.