Lancer : cast portrait is reversed + names in incorrect order

cast portrait is reversed + names in incorrect order

The photo is flopped, aka reversed. The Lancer men's gunbelts' holsters should be on their right; no "lefties" at the Lancer ranch. Another clue to this error – all men's shirt buttons are always on their right. Please correct!
IMDB says it's currently NOT accepting poster and photo additions or corrections on the normal way to do so, SO, would someone at IMDB – after reading this here – kindly correct the lovely portrait of the 3 male stars. It's quite easy.
The portrait's accompanying performers' names and characters' names do not coincide with the photo and don't coincide with each other. BUT they are in alphabetical order. Maybe that's IMDB's rule, all names in alphabetical order. However, for those IMDB users "wondering" who's who in the photo and who do they play they'll get no answers here.