James Bond : You Only Live Twice vs. Live and Let Die (SPOILERS)

You Only Live Twice vs. Live and Let Die (SPOILERS)

After watching all the Bond movies, I have to say these two are right in the middle between good and bad Bond movies, and it's hard to decide on them.

The problem I have with YOLT is that the middle section drags, and Bond getting married makes no sense to the plot whatsoever. The movie is too bogged down with Japanese culture and tries to force it into the movie instead of being about the mission. The two Japanese Bond women are also way too much alike, without much characteristics to set them apart, and makes me think why didn't they just have one instead of two therefore…

LALD has the opposite where as with YOLT has a dragging problem, LALD is too rushed and the whole story of the movie is just rescusing solitaire from being kidnapped, and that's it… There is no other plot besides that. The villain introduces his plan about giving away all this free heroin, but after he explains it, the movie instantly forgets about it, and it's never continued, unlike other villain plots in the series. So the movie has no real plot and is on autopilot in service of action sequences and is thus just a basic kidnap and rescue action romp. So the stakes aren't as high therefore.

But the two women are technically stronger in a way, in the sense, that they have more characteristics. So I feel that both movies have their pros and cons.

But what do you think?

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I agree that You Only Live Twice drags and is saved by an explosive conclusion. I have a copy, but it's low on my Connery Bond list.

Maybe, after Goldfinger, they were trying to get back to the more serious Bond films like Dr. No and From Russia With Love. If so, it didn't entirely work.

Live and Let Die, for all its faults, is an entertaining freight train. Love those crocodile stepping stones.

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Live and Let Die is about Bond investigating the murder of three MI6 agents - not about Kananga's heroin trade. That part was included to make Kananga evil. Every Bond villain must be evil, and heroin trade was Kananga's thing. The plot, however, is a murder investigation.

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I'm kind of bored with all the constant threads about 007.

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What sort of threads would you rather see on the JAMES BOND board?

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