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Wireless Keyboard You'd Recommend

My cousin was nice enough to just give me a laptop, but this HP mini 311 is the most fucked up design/machine to exist. My hands are too big to type on this shit, and the touchpad is SO sensitive, the cursor goes all over the place and they wont even let you disable so I will avoid typing, so I was wondering if you had one to recommend.

I do have a wireless mouse already and love it.

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I have a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo, and it's excellent.

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thx for replying. i ask because chances are ill buy it online, so i wont be able to test it out.

i googled wireless keyboard, saw one for $15. Pretty good deal?

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I think so. I bought mine for $30NZ a couple of years ago.

Edit: I tried the Microsoft combo of the same thing and it was crap.

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Re: Wireless Keyboard You'd Recommend

Well, I bought the Logitech

I looked at the good and bad reviews… Does the keyboard sometimes have a mind of its own, like stopping working for a few minutes? I appreciate any heads up.

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I've never had the slightest thing go wrong with mine. The batteries last for a long time, and the keyboard works smoothly, without any hiccups.
When the batteries are nearly dead there might be some little faults that let you know that it's time to change them.
I hope that helps.

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Thanks again.. I don't mind changing the batteries every week!

But there were even some 4/5 ratings (and lower ones of course) that mentioned this.. Someone also mentioned how the same model changed, but I couldn't understand the nomenclature.


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I'm typing on an eight-year-old HP wireless keyboard. About a year ago, I bought a Logitech that lasted only six months. The HP mouse that came with the set still works also.

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Re: Wireless Keyboard You'd Recommend

Logitech K400 Plus, if you also want a touch pad so you can use it in bed or on the couch. Avoid the older K400; it has the up-arrow key where Shift ought to be, which causes problems. I've used mine long enough to wear the printing off the S, D and C keys, but the touch pad still works perfectly, and the space bar is fine once I cleaned it with canned air. The only thing I really dislike about it is that it lacks a right-click button on the left-hand side, which makes click-and-drag awkward to do.

If Bluetooth is useful, the K380 has keys at about the same pitch as the K400. It's a vast improvement over the on-screen keyboards on a tablet or phone, but I haven't tried using it on a PC. My biggest complaint is that it doesn't come with a travel sleeve or pouch.

You can find good deals on keyboards and mice at thrift stores with some persistence and luck, but the USB dongles are often missing. But, if you already have a Logitech thing with the "*" receiver, Logitech has "Unifying Software" that lets you "marry" your thrift store mouse or keyboard to the dongle you already have.

If you're getting weird behaviour from a wireless mouse or keyboard, try plugging the USB dongle into the front panel of the PC, where it'll have a more direct wireless connection or something.