Jello Biafra : Why is he reviled?

Why is he reviled?

He's often treated like some kind of turncoat when just about everyone is a worse offender.

Re: Why is he reviled?

Because the 'punk community' is just as reactionary and insular as any other group or clique.

That, and he's awfully long-winded. Jello seems to like the sound of his pinched, reedy voice.

I have nothing against the guy. His label picked up my friend's band, so I can't get too annoyed at his perpetual soapbox.

Re: Why is he reviled?

I like his voice. It reminds me of Paul Lynde.

Re: Why is he reviled?

Some people blame him and his ilk (MDC, CRASS, Maximum Rock n Roll fanzine, etc) for politicizing punk.